An amazing little bird

Animals like this little Loggerhead shrike bring out the wannabe ecologist in me. Shrikes of different species inhabit Eurasia, Africa and sparingly North America. They’re predatory birds, but lack the deadly beak and lethal talons of raptors, like hawks, owls and eagles. Sometimes they eat insects and other bugs, but lizards can also fall prey to shrikes, which are more difficult for the shrike’s small beak. Which means…that to eat their prey, they have to impale them on a long spike of some sort. Shrikes in Africa sometimes use thorns on Acacia trees, whereas shrikes in California use spokes and barbs on fences. It’s so interesting to me that evolution kept the birds as predators, even though that is such an odd method of predation! Okay, end of my nerd session for the day 🙂

IMG_0412 IMG_0414

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