Future Raptor Reserve?

If you’ve ever pulled off the road while driving on Santa Teresa Blvd in Coyote Valley and watched abandoned agg fields that flank Santa Teresa, you might witness some pretty incredible raptors hunting for rodents, bugs and other smaller birds. One point count bird survey racked up some wonderful spottings, including a harrier couple, about forty red-tailed hawks, a white-tailed kite, some kestrels, a golden eagle, a red-shouldered hawk, a cooper’s hawk with some prey in his talons, among others. Normally I don’t name the area where I spotted the birds depicted in my photos, but Open Space Authority is considering purchasing some of this space to make it into a Raptor Reserve and I wanted to get the word out. Let’s protect these gorgeous birds! They are the keystone predators in this valley and thus help protect the ecosystems within the valley. With some luck, I’ll be able to come back with posts of the harriers, kites and eagles. 

Juvie Red-tailed hawk
Juvie Red-tailed hawk


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