NRA Campaigns Against The Plan To Save The World’s Elephants

Exposing the Big Game

An Animal Rights Article from


By Hayes Brown,
March 2014

“Any firearm, firearm accessory, or knife that contains ivory, no matter how big or small, would not be able to be sold in the United States, unless it is more than 100 years old. This means if your shotgun has an ivory bead or inlay, your revolver or pistol has ivory grips, your knife has an ivory handle, or if your firearm accessories, such as cleaning tools that contain any ivory, the item would be illegal to sell.”

For that reason, the NRA implores its members to flood the White House and Congress with phone calls and emails to “let them know you oppose the ban on commercial sale and trade of legally owned firearms with ivory components.” That desire to resell old — but not antique — weaponry clearly is more important to the NRA than…

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2 thoughts on “NRA Campaigns Against The Plan To Save The World’s Elephants”

  1. I read about this earlier today. Those people are ass holes! Do they realize elephants will become extinct?! There’s so much money behind the NRA and elephant tusk/ivory trade; it’s almost impossible to stop!

    Thank you for making others aware.


    Baby elephant whose mother was killed for her tusks.


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