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Rattlesnake Research: Part 1

None of these are of rattlesnakes :,( I need rattlesnakes, people! But there are other awesome things going on here in my study area in north central Michigan!

Bald eagles!

We saw a beautiful bald eagle couple today, with two of their nestlings. Only one nestling was visible for us with the viewing scope, but with my camera, even less is visible unfortunately. On the brighterΒ side, we also saw two rattlers! Which is pretty exciting for me, because I LOVE snakes. If you don’t like snakes…sorry!

Can you see her?
Can you see her?
There she is!
There she is!
Western rattlesnake πŸ™‚


Close encounters

I should start off this post by saying that these pictures are courtesy of Maria Matthews, my mom, who took them on a walk at Harvey Bear while I was at work. With that said…that’s a Diamondback rattlesnake! My mom didn’t realize it until she’d ended her photoshoot with the rattler when he gave her a short warning with his rattle to give him some space. Pretty crazy! For whoever’s reading, make sure you know that if you see a snake with a triangle-shaped head in the US, that’s a rattler and you need to be extra careful!