What a day of research!

In case you didn’t know, I am currently doing research with the Belize Raptor Research Institute and the three current projects the institute have are the Hook-billed Kite Project, Stygian Owl Project and Solitary Eagle Project. In one day, I saw a brand-new hook-billed kite fledgling, still with down on him, a stygian owl perched in a tree, and a solitary eagle fledgling. I can only show you one, but you have to admit, that is one epic day of research! Here’s our gorgeous and adorable stygian owl.




4 thoughts on “What a day of research!”

    1. I’m only here for ten more days. I’m squeezing a trip to caye caulker, a raptor tour around the mountain pine ridge and camping trip in cockscomb basin! Crazy that I’m almost going home!

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