Año Nuevo…Pretty Incredible

Today was a day and a half as far as field research goes. A friend of mine and I have been commissioned to get film of red-legged frogs in Año for Jeff Corwin’s TV show (:O :O :O). SO…I can’t show you guys the very amateur film we got, at least I don’t think I can. BUT we saw so much wildlife today, it was wild, including an adult bald eagle, an osprey, a rufous hummingbird, a bobcat, a belted kingfisher, an elephant seal, AND a San Francisco garter basking in the sunlight. I haven’t gotten a shot of this extremely rare subspecies of the Common Gartersnake until now, so enjoy!!!


7 thoughts on “Año Nuevo…Pretty Incredible”

      1. Sure are! Haven’t seen a single snake up here in Alberta, but I am sure we must have some snake species up here as well:)

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